Best 5 Money Saving Secrets Big Removal Companies Hide
5 Money Saving Secrets Big Removal Companies in Cambridge Won’t Tell You!

The stress of moving home can make it all too easy to go into autopilot when choosing a removal company in Cambridge. But it’s worth considering all your money-saving options before you do.

5 Money Saving Secrets Big Removal Companies Won’t Tell You

There’s good moving news and there’s terrible moving news. The bad news isn’t news at all – moving homes is one of the most expensive things you’ll do. And unfortunately, removal costs can take up a large slice of the budget.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as pricey as you may think. So before you pick up the phone to book a survey with Pickfords, Here are 5 lesser-known ways to save those all-important pounds:

Man with his finger to his mouth to illustrate money-saving moving secrets large Cambridge Removal Companies keep

1. You Don’t Need A Lorry – Hire A Cambridge Man And Van Instead!

If you’re not moving a fully-furnished 4-bedroom house to the other side of the country, you may not need a huge vehicle. There are plenty of cheaper man and van companies like Vantage 24/7 Services that can relocate you.

These companies often have large 3.5T Luton or LWB vans that can easily accommodate bulky household furniture, white goods, and much more.

Now depending on how many items you have it may take more than one trip to complete your move safely. Just ask your Cambridge man and van removal company whether they charge by the hour, the van load or offer a flat rate fee.

2. Help With Loading To Reduce The Costs!

What’s great about booking a Cambridge man and van is you get to decide the level of help you need. Vantage 24/7 Services for example have everything from teams of three movers right down to a self-loading option. So, if you have the manpower to do some or all the lifting yourself you could save hundreds.

3. We Don’t Have To Pack For You!

Big removal companies typically offer a full white glove service including a team of highly-trained packers to carefully box up all your items for you. But this takes time and in turn, comes at a huge cost.

With a Cambridge man with a van service, the usual expectation is that you pack and load. Be organised and don’t leave it to the last minute. If the removal team is forced to wait you could be faced with additional charges.

4. Please Disassembour Own Furniture!

If the mention of DIY doesn’t fill you with complete dread, try disassembling that bed or wardrobe before your Cambridge man arrives.

At Vantage 24/7 Services dismantling and reassembling furniture is charged within the hourly rate. This means that if you complete this task yourself, you don’t have to pay for extra hours if needed. And of course, dismantling everything that can be taken apart saves space, meaning fewer trips and you guessed it, more savings!

5. Book All Your Moving Services With One Company!

Before booking your Cambridge house removal service, think about all the other related moving services you may need, such as end-of-tenancy eaning, moving-in cleaning, waste removals, and garden clearance. Then try to consolidate these costs by booking as many services as possible with the same company.

Vantage 24/7 Services is Cambridgeshire’s ONLY one-stop shop moving company that can do it all. The best part is, that you get a discount that increases with the more services you book. Simply click here to request a free online quote or call us on 01223 660 400 to discuss your moving needs. Our team can’t wait to help!